Is Cycling Worth the Hype?

I’m sure by now you have all heard of the infamous Soul Cycle, this is a private cycling facility with a great marketing strategy. Despite the numerous Instagram pictures of their sign and attendees we still wonder, is cycling really worth the hype?

I just had to try cycling out for myself to get an unaltered view on the matter. During my first class I experience so many emotions: pain, fear, excitement, joy. The intensity of the workout was so overwhelming I wondered why people would voluntarily sign up for this, and pay money! But I soon experienced all of the health benefits after just one class.

Health Benefits

Cycling classes are an hour in length per session and you can bike between 18-22 miles in just one class! I know crazy right? I could not run 18 miles, but I can bike 18 miles. Cycling is much easier on your back. So, if you have back problems but still like to stay active the you should definitely consider taking a class, not to mention the classes are a lot of fun.

You can try out a class at your local gym or club. Another side benefit is that you really do bond with your instructor and yourself, and sometimes even other people in the class. The instructor’s use terminology motivating such as “come one! Climb up this hill” and you really do feel like you’re biking up a mountain.

The main reason I love cycling versus traditional cardio is because it is a very engaging workout. I am in too much pain, the good kind of pain, to think about anything else. I feel more empowered and inspired after this class. I tell myself, if I can make it over all of theses mountains then I can conquer anything else that stands in my way of achieving greatness.


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