Fun Kid Apps

In this technical world even small children are using smart phones and iPads. Kids love to play games and use apps that make them feel happy. Here are some fun kid apps.

There are many entertaining as well as educational apps that are specially designed for the kids. With these apps a kid can be able to enjoy their studies in a far better way. Some of the fun apps for kids are as follows:

  • Kids Math

Some fun apps for kids will make a kid grow stronger in math as well, depending on the app. This app contains eight levels in which a kid have to answer 10 questions in a specific period of time.

Every question that you answer has a definite time of 30 seconds for giving the answers. Every time whenever the kids play, they get the new questions.

  • Peter Pig’s Money Coin Counter

This app helps the kid’s preparation in sorting, in counting, and in classifying value of the coins to make the virtual money. This app will help in sharpen the mind of a kid and also it helps to learn the realities about currency.

  • Crazy Times Tables

Fun apps for kids are loved by every children as this app contains games for fun and some of the photo structures. This app provides a modified methodology by recognising a kid education stage which can also help a kid to become master of time tables.

  • Blue bird academy:

This is an early learning app specially designed for the small age kids to get the knowledge about the alphabet, some shapes, counting, and many other objects related to daily life, in a premature age.

  • Kids’ Vocab 

This is a vocabulary app designed for the age group of kids that belongs to 7-12 years old. This app ruptures the education into some lessons, and make the kid learn new words as well as new phrases by the help of mini games.

  • Best toddler app:

This app is similar to a huge cooperative doll house. This app is specially made for the small girls, as they love to play the house games. Kids love to connect with each of the item just to see what the specific item do.

  • Disney Junior Episodes 

This app contains the episodes of the Disney world cartoons such as micky mouse clubhouse, Donald duck and many other cartoon serials. It is like a TV channel. Each one of it adds the mini-games and many other creativity to the creative animations.

  • Thinking Blocks Multiplication

This app will provide many problems for solving, which will help a kid to consolidate all the relevant information and helps a kid to envision the relationship among the numbers. They form block numbers to solve the multiplication and many of the word problems.

This is one of the educational app that makes a kid more -stronger in the studies just by playing.

  • Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 

These are fun kid apps in smaller age groups. It can help out them to learn the names of many of the animals just by solving the puzzles. This app will provide some hints and narrations to inspire the children to play it more interestingly.


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