Different Summer Workouts to Try

Summer workouts are quite challenging, as the body produces a lot of sweat due to hot weather. There are some of the different workouts that you can try in summer which are as follows:

  • Side Plank:

This exercise will help to tone up quite a few muscles in the abdominal. Firstly, just sit down on the left side and keep the knees straight. Now slightly use the left arm and your elbow just to support the upper body of yours.

Be in this position for at least 30 seconds and breathe normally. Make sure you repeat this workout with the right side. If you’ve never tried a side plan before, consider incorporating it into your summer workout.

  • Swimming:

Swimming is the best workout in summer as it also makes you feel refreshing after the bath. Just maintain your muscle balance while swimming. The sound of the water and the nature around the pool makes you feel good.

  • Meditation:

Meditation must be a regular workout as it makes you feel cool down. The deep breathing exercise in the meditation can provide a good environment all day long. Meditation is not necessary a summer workout but it is extremely beneficial any time of the year.

  • Second position plies:

First you have to stand on your feet and have to spread broader than the shoulder-width, and then a little turn your toes of yours and start bending your knees and lay parallel to the floor. Now, just try to raise up your arms above, even though sleeping down and back to the shoulders. Be in this position and start breathing habitually before asserting yourself back to the same position.

  • Exercise on the Beach 

Beach exercise can be quite a new experience as well as a healthy workout. Use the poles on the beach. It makes your upper body active. Also an interesting way with some fun is to build a sand castle on the beach. It can also be a workout for the body. Your body will stay in shape by staying active on the beach. Staying active on the beach are fun summer workouts.

  • Working Out in the Mountains 

The mountains are one of the best summer workout place as it is habitually shaded and the cooling place in the hilly landscape. As you start climbing up on the hills you can notice that the temperature is dropping slowly. In the desert areas some of the people plan the trips for about 40-50 minutes on the hills.

This makes an outdoor workout which is very well interesting and a bit adventurous. Mountains and the hilly areas are the best way for the workouts especially when you are away from the house and you cannot exercise with the machines of yours.

  • Single-leg Deadlift:

This is the exercise that is specially meant for the muscles. Just start bending your knees in the forward position and at the same time lowers your body at ease level and speed.

Now, slowly bend your knees to keep your lower leg resting in the air corresponding to the ground. Start lowering your upper body in the way you can and be in this position and just breathe normally. Remember to retain your chest up and essentially involved while carrying out with this exercise.

Workouts must be done regularly to make yourself fit and fine. Different styles of these types of workouts can be performed anywhere.


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