10 Foods For Better Sleep

Food is a necessity and when careful combinations are prepared it can be beneficial to achieve better sleep. It is important to note that for optimal sleep food should be obtained from taking 2 hours prior to sleep and any drinks 1 hour before bed.

Food products contains many of the nutrients and has the power to makes you fall asleep. There are some of the food products which can help you out for your sleep. These food products are as follows:

Cheese and crackers

Any of the dairy product can help you feel sleepy. Calcium is found in the cheese which basically helps the brain to create sleep-activating melatonin. Also calcium is very helpful in the muscle movement regulation.


Rice is one of the food item that makes you feel lazy and sleepy. The white rice contains great glycaemic key. Therefore while eating it you fall to sleep. By eating the jasmine rice you feel sleepy at much faster rate than any other rice.

Cherry juice

Only single glass of the cherry juice can make you sleep. The cherries naturally boost up the level of melatonin. By drinking the cherry juice the symptoms of the insomnia can also be improved well. This juice can make you sleep in a very well manner.


Cereals are healthy in eating as well as also contains many of the nutrients. This can also help you to get a better sleep. Only one bowl of one of your favourite cereal before going to bed can make you get a good sleep.


Honey is the natural sugar containing product. This natural sugar increases the amount of insulin and consents the tryptophan to go into the brain, and this can make you feel asleep. Simply, taking a full spoon of honey before going to your bed can provide a restful sleep.


Bananas are quite rich in potassium. Bananas contain vitamin B6 which can induce a sleep hormone and also vitamin B6 is very important to make melatonin. Banana is one of the rich fruit that can make you sleep in a healthy way.

Green leafy vegetables

The green leafy vegetables such as kale contains a lot of calcium, which can support the brain to procedure tryptophan to create melatonin. Spinach and green mustard are one of the good green leafy vegetables which can make you sleep.


Yogurt is one of the dairy product. The dairy products are very rich in calcium. The daily use of yogurt in your meal can make you feel restless and falls you to a good asleep for long time.

Chamomile tea

Immersing only single cup of chamomile tea can help you out to sleep. By drinking the tea the amount of glycine increases in your body. Glycine is one of the chemical that makes your nerves and muscles feeling more relaxing and you will feel tiered and a tiered person can inevitably can fall to sleep. It performances just like a minor tranquillizing.

Corn chips

The food product such as pretzels and the corn chips contains very high glycaemic manifestation. After eating these type of food products you will feel a natural barb in the blood sugar and the level of your insulin also increases and within a short period of time it makes you feel sleepy.


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