Best 10 Apps For Moms

Moms rule the world but sometimes they do not get much of the time alone with all the household and mothering responsibilities. There are so many apps for moms that are specially designed to help keep moms stay organized. We highlighted some of our favorites for you:

Our Groceries

This app is one the best apps for moms has a useful feature on the daily basis of your life. The main feature of this android app is to create the list for the stores.

With this app you can get all your necessary ingredients for your recipe by just entering the new recipe. This app is very helpful as, it saves much of your time for going out to buy the ingredients.

Shop savvy

This is one of the more fancy apps for moms and also very helpful for shopping in a mall. It is very helpful in recognising the items and explores every fissure of the net for rate evaluations. This is actually one of the app which can help you out a lot.


Jorte is one of the peculiar planner apps for moms and is made for androids. Jorte is receiving enthusiastic appraisals from the technical bloggers. Combined with the fact that Jorte offers highest-indentation functionality, and also it is one of the successful app.

Mom 2 Be

This is one of the app that provides you tips daily, and also will make you to form weekly entrances which you can even share with your friends and the family members.

Name Culture

Name culture is one of the free apps. Naming of a baby is quite a very big deal and also it was like an awesome task at the same time. This name culture app will provide you names with their specific meanings for your babies.

White Noise Lite

This app is basically for making a baby sleep. This app contains ten diverse noise such as sound of an airplane, a beach waves, chimes, clock noise, crickets clamour, fan, and rain drops sound, thunder, voice of train, and the white noise. You just have to place your phone near to your baby and have to play these sound. This will make your sleep quietly in some time.


There is a time when you are tiered and all you need is the silence for some time or you have to make an urgent phone call without making your child crying. Shapes is the app which surely becomes a lifesaver in this situation.

A small child will love to play with the shapes for the long time and you can do all your important works during this phase. Shapes is basically planned just to entertain, interrelate with and also teaching your young children their shapes and natures.

Moms Zeal

This app is well known by almost every mom. This app is the very good place where you can ask the questions and the opinion about the parenting topics. Also it is a place for chatting and making new friends.

Doodle Kids

This is an entertaining app also for the adults and also by this app you can effortlessly save and print the creation of your child. It is also an outstanding adding to any of the long car trip.

My Days

This is one of the free app which is truly meant for the women. It helps in recognising the menstrual cycle and then helps you to guesses when your coming fertile days will occur.

This will enormously provide you valuable facts for the women who are trying to conceive and also for those who were trying to evade the pregnancy.


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