How to Fix Broken Necklace Jump Ring

There is nothing more heart breaking than falling in love with a piece of jewelry and then having it fall apart on you. Luckily, most things can be mended, here’s how you can fix some of your broken jewelry. Featured is my broken necklace that I temporarily “broke” in this post I will show you how to fix it.

If you are wondering where I purchased my necklace I actually made it myself. I am a jewelry maker and I sell some of pieces on easy, here is the link to my shop G.E.L. Designs.

The necklace featured is sterling silver square wire .925 with sterling silver chain and sterling jump rings. I adore this necklace because of the modern and geometric style. It fits almost any outfit I wear and I always receive complements when I wear it out.

IMG_9089 (1)

What You Will Need


You will need a plier(s) here I used two but if you feel comfortable using your fingers for one part then go ahead and do so. I purchased my pliers at Michael’s., you can also find them at Jo Ann’s, online, and probably at a garage sale. It doesn’t matte what they look like as long as they work!

Step One

Starting with your broken jump ring, this is the piece that connects the pendant with the necklace chain, take your plier(s) and twist the jump ring open about 25%, any more and your will permanently deform the jump ring.


Step Two

With your free pliers or fingers take the loose chain and loop it into the jump ring opening. 

Step Three

Gently close the jump ring with your pliers, and viola! You have a fully functioning necklace once again.

IMG_9127 (1)

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