Zara “High Elasticity” Jeggings

The comfiest form fitting jeggings you will ever wear at a reasonable price. Many women share the struggle of trying to find form-fitting comfy jeans. Zara has been kind enough to provide them. The two knee-slits add a edgy vide to the look.

Universal Outfit Opportunities

You can wear these jeggings everywhere, well almost everywhere. These jeggings are prefect for a night out, or shopping with your friends, even going to school.

These pants are universal and can be worn for almost any occasion. For example, a night out with friends. Simply throw on a black leather jacket and some booties, maybe even accessorize with some funky nail polish or silver statement jewelry pieces.

In order to achieve a more casual look to wear on the daily to work or classes try tucking in a short sweater or a crop top. Pair this outfit with some converse or vans and you are all set to go! Because these jeggings are slightly high waisted they are perfect to wear with crop tops or shorter sweaters.

You can buy a pair for 29.99 USD at Zara5520286800_2_2_1

The pricing of these jeggings is very reasonable, especially for Zara. Zara is a great brand with the highest quality clothing and style sense.

People always tell me how I look like a walked out of a Zara campaign because my style is so similar to theirs. I like to keep my outfits looking simple, classy, and modern. Which in three words sums up Zara’s brand style.

I am so happy I stumbled upon these jeggings because they have become a staple piece in my closet. Not to mention these jeggings are so incredibly comfy and they are extremely form flattering. They come other colors as well not just black.


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