Why You Should Start Wearing Face Masks

Face masks offer a plethora of benefits to your skin such as brightening, reduced pores, and the clearing away of blackheads and other guck that might have accumulated while you were leading your boss lifestyle.

Life can get busy sometimes, stressful even, that’s why at the end of week you need to unwind, relax, and cleanse. Finding time for something this important can get tough; here are several timeframes I have designated to helping you live a better life.

During Bath Time

Soak off the day with your favorite bath salts and Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. After using this peel-off mask you will notice a significant improvement in the clarity of your skin. But be careful not to leave this mask on for more than 20 minutes or it will hurt while peeling it off.

Rise and Shine

Let your face mask wake you up in the morning. Try using an citrus/ginseng mask to stimulate skin cells and leave your face smelling wonderful.

Study Break

If your in college or high school your academic work load and be tough on your mind and your skin. Don’t forget to take care yourselves students! Slap on a mask while reviewing for that upcoming test, dying trying to find the derivatives, or planning the rest of your week. Good luck!

Food Craving

It’s late at night and you’re not sure if you should have that last brownie. Before you decide, wear a face mask and the see how you feel. When we get hungry our body is trying to tell us something:get sleep, get fuel (get energy and nutrients).

Make a quick fresh fruit face mask with avocado, mango, and olive oil. All of these ingredients are nutrient-packed and will leave your skin revived and put you in an overall good mood.

T.V. Time

Make your time count and nourish your skin with a face mask while plugging into your favorite show. Still think watching t.v. is unproductive?


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