Better Way To Wear Denim Patchworks This Fall

Patchworks are a growing trend on todays fashion scene. From runways to celebrity appearances patchworks are making a statement.

This is a fun, casual way to make a statement without really making a statement. While being subtle enough to wear on a daily basis with a crop top an some glasses, it can also be dazzled up just by adding a cute statement necklace and some heels.

Endless Possibilities

You can also wear patchwork denim jackets, skirts, and dressed. The possibilities are truly endless and are not restricted to just jeans. In order to really nail this trend you need have fun with it, wear it however you feel looks best on you.

If you want to go daringly bold, try wearing denim patchwork on denim patchwork. In order to pull off wearing denim on denim, I have a few quick tips. First, try to keep the separate denim pieces a different a shade.

For example, if you want to wear a dark jacket, wear lighter pants or even white denim pants. Also, try to keep the styles the same. Instead of wearing a grungy jacket with preppy pants, switch up the pants with leggings or skinny jeans to give the look a natural feel.

Pictured below is my own personal take on denim patchworks, created on my polypore.

imagePatchworks have been growing increasingly popular in spring and fall styling. Various designers like Zara, Hudson, Topshop have incorporated this trend into their lines. Check out my polyvore for more ways to wear patchworks and other fabulous outfits as well!


I still remember when I was 6 or 7, I had a pair of brown leather high heeled boots. The leather was different colors of patchwork leather. This was my very first experience with leather patchworks and I actually still have these boots. I was so obsessed with them as a little kid, I mean, what kind of 7 year old wear leather patchwork high heeled boots? I was clearly going to be a fashionista one day.


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