3 Ways To Wear Frayed Jeans for Fall

•••Distressed jeans have been illustrious when it comes to styling, but the new way to wear your denim is frayed. This is yet another example of how styles from the nineties are coming back. Frayed jeans are so versatile, you can even DIY them!


The Office.

Depending on how frayed your jeans are, they can have a very grungy feel or they can be suitable for the office. Frayed hems have an unfinished but done look at the same time.

If you plan to wear frayed jeans in to work it is important to be mindful of the kind of office you work in or if they will be appropriate. If your workplace has a more conservative dress code try to keep the frays at a minimum, similar to the picture below.


Business Casual.

Even super models like Kendall Jenner are sporting this new trend. Kendall is rocking this trend. Her choice of pairing a dark denim frayed crop top with white denim is a very smart choice. She decided to elongate her legs with white pants and white scrappy heels.

This gives an illusion of longer legs, even though she already has very long slender legs, this pairing complements them very well.


Street Style.

Mix up your street style with frayed denim mini skirt. Frayed denim works very well for street style. In order, make this look suitable for fall:

Add- denim or leather jacket and black booties.




Another way you rock the frayed denim trend is to wear frayed accessories. Such as frayed denim bracelets, frayed purses, even frayed socks!



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