How To Make Your Own Terrarium In 6 Simple Steps


•••Making your own terrarium is a great way to decorate with succulents.

For this simple DIY you will need:
•a glass jar or container

•rocks or stones



•moss or plants

•decorative items( a rock or a figure)

Step 1: Ready your glass container.

Whichever container you choose, you want to make sure to clean the inside and outside so you can better visualize your final product.

Step 2: Layer your pebbles.

I suggest using light stones or pebbles because this will provide a beautiful contrast with the charcoal and succulents.

Step 3: Fill with charcoal.

Add a layer of charcoal, it’s not necessary to add but charcoal helps filter the water so it’s especially useful in sealed terrariums.

Step 4: Add soil.

Use your hand to compress the soil. Add a little bit of water to let the soil drain down through the other layers. Use a medium amount of soil.

Step 5: Moss it up!

Take and see what you can find in terms of moss and cute little rocks to add some color to your terrarium. You can use moss form outside if you can find it or buy it at your local garden store.

Step 6: Decorate your terrarium.

This is the extra fun part. Feel free to express yourself, add in a figurine or a succulent, whatever, it’s YOUR terrarium. Rocks would also be a quite touch, maybe even some fake little lady bugs or real ones perhaps?

However you choose to make your own terrarium it is important to tell a story with it. Express yourself and your individuality. Each room in your house can have its own terrarium with different accent colors to display the room’s ambiance and purpose. This is sure to be a conversation started for guests and a source of inspiration for you when you get down. Remember, plants are friends and they are important to keep around. Love your planet and make a terrarium.


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