How To Decorate with Succulents

•••Succulents are taking over the blogosphere. The great thing about these plants is that they are very universal. I have seen them everywhere from magazines to my favorite local coffee shops.

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate succulents into your lifestyle while adding an eclectic feel to your home.


Build your own terrarium

This is a super fun and inspiring diy project you can do with some of your friends. Check out my blog post: How To Make Your Own Terrarium.

Use Individual succulents to style your coffee table

Lay out a few magazines and some cute coasters and a scented candle. Bam, stylish coffee table. Also, I must mention that the color gold works very well paired with succulents. The contrast between the green and gold can really make your coffee table pop and gives you a nice aesthetic feel to your home.

Make your own succulent garden

Whether your succulents are small or large it was add color and inspiration wherever you place your little homemade garden. Just grab a very wide bowl, it does not need to be very deep and add dirt, sand, flowers, rocks, figurines and your succulents.

While this is somewhat similar to a terrarium it is different because the succulents are not covered by a glass bowl. Also, they are adorned with other things such as flowers and possibly plants too. The most important thing is to have fun with it.

Spice up your bookshelf.

Grab a vintage mug or coffee creamer cup and fill it with your succulent. Place it onto your bookshelf, an empty window sill, or any space you want to add style too.

Another fun idea is to clean out an out candle that you have used up and place your succulent in their. Especially if the candle container was super cute and you don’t want to toss it you can reuse it in a unique way!


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