The New Way To Wear Pajama’s

How did wearing pajama’s outside of your house become socially acceptable? With just a few simple accessories, brilliant designers such as Derek Lam, design duo Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, and Michael Kors made the runway at NYFW just a little more casual.

Derek Lam made a navy silk georgette set a little more formal by adding a gorgeous peacoat and patent boots(left).

Rag & Bone design duo Marcus Wainwright and David Neville used a tardis to travel back to ‘90s to recreate this iconic piece. Uniquely layering a sultry lace slip over knits and some tailored trousers, topping it off with a rain or shine parka (center).

Michael Kors sold me on this whole pajama-wearing trend when he created this sophisticated outfit, a black and white printed coordinate paired with a luxurious belted fur and leather soles(right). This outfit is briliant, I want it, I need it.

The outfit pictured on the far right is my top choice out of the three pictured below. That outfit is so chic it doesn’t even look pajamas. I could eve see myself wearing that out to brunch with friends in the fall or early winter.

Getty Images022015-pajamas-runway-lead_0

Understandably, if you have a limited budget like most of us do, then these designer pajama outfits could be out of your price range. Luckily, the concept is easy to replicate.

How To Capture This Trend On a Budget

First of all, pick your pajama’s. Depending on your taste in pajama’s, whether you like bold or subtle prints, then match up your accessories to the pajama’s.

For example, I love light pink/neutral print pajama’s. I have a pair from Victoria’s Secret that are timeless. With my pajama’s I would pair nude flats and either a black or tan leather jacket. Now, I am all set to go out  for coffee and start my day all while looking as fabulous as ever.

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